10 Funny Toddler Moments

I think most parent’s could write a book titled, “Toddler Logic,” and it would be a best seller every time. I have no doubt that many of you have some moments that you are dying to tell the world about. If you do, please comment them and I will make another “Toddler Moments” post.

Here are just a few moments that we can all relate to, directly from the mouth of my own daughter and friend’s children:


1. When they repeat your parenting rebuttals

Parent: “Why not?”

Child: “Because I said so, that how that work.”

2. Their eccentric view of the world

Child, speaking to cashier: “You have a funny face”

Child, paints picture of a man and then states: “This is my man, he poops a lot.”

3. Their wise and profound, yet confusing statements

Child: “That’s enough kisses mommy!”

Parent: “When can I give you more kisses?”

Child: “When the wind blows”

4. Their lack of empathy for other’s feelings

Child: “I need my own house. I love you when you’re at your house, but not at my house.”

5. Their unwavering self esteem

Child: “Mommy, you look pretty but I more pretty…see!”

Child: “I am so beautiful, I look like a beautiful flower” (whilst admiring herself in the mirror)

6. Their excellent work ethic

When asked to demonstrate what “working” looks like; child picks up cell phone, curls up on the couch and flips through News Feed.

7. Their complete honesty

Child: “This is my song, you can’t sing like Princess Sophia”

8. Their lack of Modesty

Parent: “Child, get your wiener off the window!”

9. Their excellent negotiation skills

Child: “It’s my birthday, I need this cookie.”

Parent: “It’s not your birthday, you birthday was in August.”

Child: “Ok…I’ll eat one green bean.”

10: Their excellent care

Whilst using a plastic “pretend” stethoscope…

Child: “Mommy, your heart is dead.”

Share this if you got a laugh out of it and be sure to comment with any other funny moments!

Curious what information about you is out there? You may be surprised!

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