Toys from the 90’s you can still buy!

There’s something sentimental about passing on the toys from our childhood to our children. Toys you’ve long since forgotten about. Luckily, some of these companies still produce these toys so you can pass on the fun!


This was an old favorite in my house. I have fond memories of my mom having to “watch my pet” while I was at school. The newest version is updated with all kinds of fun stuff including a color screen, which was totally unheard of when we were kids. Kids nowadays will never know the struggle…

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Bop It

The game of coordination, which I had none of because I was never very good at this game but I can recall kids sneaking in their new Christmas Bop it’s to school to pass around in a circle. It was all fun and games until the teacher saw we had a toy from home.

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Pretty Pretty Princess

Fond memories of this game. A circle of girls at a friends house, all wearing our color coordinated clip on earrings. Life was good. A friend’s poor baby brother exhibiting a necklace and bracelet simply because he didn’t want to be left out. Who will be the pretty pretty princess?

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Polly Pockets

Polly Pockets have changed over the years, they’re less of a choking hazard than we were kids. Strange because I don’t remember my mom ever needing to warn me about eating them. Anyhow, they’ve released a nostalgia recreation of the original Polly Pockets for you and your children to enjoy.

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This gremlin looking toy was the talk of the town when it was released. Mom’s lined up in front of Target the day it was released to make sure they’re little angels could get one of these unique toys. It was one of the first truly interactive toys and it was a hit! Now they have a lot of options for interactive toys but still, Furby makes cute gremlin toys.

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Rock Em Sock Em

As I recall, this game was a hit with all the boys in school. What better way to have fun than to pin toys against each other. These guys go well before the 90’s but they’ve been a classic toy for all generations.

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Betty Spaghetty

I had one of these and so did every neighborhood girl. You could swap her plastic clothes and play with her plastic hair. You could bend her in all kinds of unnatural positions. So much fun.

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One of the early games that allowed children to steal toys from one another. Flip em, pin your pogs against your friend’s pogs, take their pogs or loose them all. It was a risky game, thankfully if you’re still bitter because you lost all your pogs to billy, you can still buy more.

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He-Man Masters of the Galaxy

One of the stranger toy lines that came out in the 90’s. Unlike most action figures, the toys came out before the show. The show was created to sell more toys! And we bought into it like sheep.

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Inflatable Furniture

Now this isn’t obviously a toy but were you really a child of the 90’s if you didn’t own an incredible uncomfortable and unstable piece of furniture like this? I had a couch, an ottoman and a make-shift recliner. We were so cool.

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Mr. Sketch Markers

We were taught nice and young to huff markers. Amazing that we have any brain cells left. The bad kids used to snuff sharpies, I wasn’t that bold.

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This was true sorcery. How could you take a bunch of little plastic pieces and make a masterpiece?! I remember looking fondly at my lite-brite creation in the dark. Mom was so proud.

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The Oregon Trail

This game taught us how to survive in near-apocalyptic times. In every brightly colored, MAC filled computer lab, there were little ones fighting to survive the harsh terrain. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without this game.

Purchase Here

Check out this vintage candy gift set!

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