Small Business Ideas for Kids with Free Printable Business Plan

My daughter once started a little business making dream-catchers and sold them around our neighborhood. When it came time to re-purchase the materials needed to make more, my daughter was horrified that she would have to spend her earnings on that. It was an important lesson for her. Once we put everything on paper, we realized that we were actually spending more money on materials than she was making. So, we put together a business plan so we could execute her little dream catcher business properly.

I’ve attached a document that can be used by your little one to execute their business plans!

Business Ideas for Small Children


Slime is an awesome small business idea for kids because it’s inexpensive to make and easy to sell. The only thing to remember when making slime is keeping the packaging/name interesting. Kids love slime but they love fun containers even more. If you put your amazing slime in a boring container, it won’t dazzle the kids.

The important part of this is to find the perfect slime recipe. There will likely be a lot of trial and error but a quick Google search will give you many recipes to start!

Choose a fun containers shape like this one for $8.99 for a set of 33. Purchase Here

Slime Activator

You can use this instead of borax!


There are so many fun types of glue that make for perfect slime!

Glitter or Coloring

Choose something fun, glittery or themed to make your child’s slime different!

Bubbles for Sale!

Bubbles are so easy to buy and resell! This would be easy to sell to friends at school or at the park. Your child could even sell them for birthday parties! Just come up with some great labels for them and a great bubble business name!

You can buy this pack of bubble wands of 64 for $15.95! This means that each one of these bubble wands will end up being $0.24 a piece! Sell them for $.50 a piece and make an easy profit!

Key-chains, Pretty/Fun Notebooks, Slap-Bracelets

These items are easy and quick to sell. Your child can make their own masterpieces and sell them or purchase in bulk and create collectibles around their school!

30 Keychains for $14.99!

Purchase Here! If your child sells these for $1 a piece, they make a pretty good profit!

24 for $16.99!

Purchase Here! Buy these notebooks in bulk and make them into beautiful works-of-art with a little glue and glitter. Your child could also design their own!

100 Bracelets for $12.95!

Purchase Here! These are quite easily the best value around. Your child can easily sell these for $.50 a piece and make around $20.

Small Business Ideas for Older Children

Pulling Weeds

No one likes to pull weeds! It’s an easy weekend job and with a little elbow grease, it can be a lucrative business! Your child will need a few supplies.

Click Here to purchase!

Click Here to Purchase!

Dog Clean-up Services

Everyone loves their dog but not many like to pick up after them. With a few simple supplies, this can be an easy way to make money around the neighborhood.

Good-smelling trash bags! Click Here to Purchase!

Click Here to Purchase!

Photo Booth Services

This could be a fun weekend job! Your child could provide this service for birthday parties, church get-together’s, quinceaneras, holiday parties, etc. If you keep the cost down, they could be looking at some really decent profits plus your child will get to experience handling customers, building a business and managing expenses.

This will require an investment but perhaps, if your child presents a good business plan and shows they’re serious, they could receive investors from their beloved parents or other family members for a fair share in their company. The most cost-efficient way to run this kind of operation is to edit the photos following the event and email them to the customers and the host.

Lighting Kit

Click Here to Purchase

Start-up Camera Kit

Click Here to Purchase

Photo Booth Props

Click Here to Purchase

Glitter Tumblers/Personalized Tumblers

This could be a fun craft and also a great way for your child to earn money. These personalized tumblers could display your child’s school mascot, favorite sports team, first initial of your customer’s name, etc. The best part about this is that they don’t have to sink a whole lot of money into this until orders are placed. They’ll just need to make enough for display purposes.

Blank Tumblers

Click Here to Purchase


Click Here to Purchase

Whatever your child chooses, the importance of this entrepreneurship project is learning the value of money, the hard work involved in building a business, sorting out the business’ costs and the rewards of all that time and energy. Hopefully, these skills are something they can take with them throughout their life and something that creates beautiful memories.

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