Affordable Kid’s Apparel Subscription Service!

I have stumbled across an awesome discovery! With Rockets of Awesome, you can choose a monthly subscription box of kids attire or choose individual items that your kids will love!

For only $20 a month, your kids can have the newest, trendiest clothing delivered right to your door. Simply take a style quiz and enter their sizing. Once you get your box, that $20 is credited towards whichever items you want to keep from the box, returns are always free.

This apparel averages between $19-$39. If you choose to keep the entire box, you’ll get 30% off!

I’m not the trendiest mom out there, so I really love that this site can also take the guesswork out of outfits. They have an amazing option that includes a full outfit that you know if both stylish and your child will love!

Click Here to Check out the Latest Outfit’s!

Check out these best-sellers for boys!

DVF x Rockets of Awesome Collection

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