Simple & Innovative Kid’s Products!

If you’ve ever sent you kids to school with a specific amount of items, only to have many of them not return home to you, these products are for you!

Mabel’s Labels created personalized labels for your child’s products to they can be easily identified. They even have a line for allergies, safety, traveling and more!

Allergy & Health Related

Children’s allergies can be a cause of great concern in parents. Especially when they are not always with you. Put your mind at ease while your children are away on field trips, at daycare or on play dates!

Click Here to view the full line of Safety products

Baby Labels

When you send your little one off to daycare, you might be concerned that their products will get mixed up with all the other baby’s products. Rest easy with these labels.

Click Here to view the whole baby line

Sports Labels

How often do your children’s sports gear get tossed around with other children’s? With some quick labeling, all parents will know which gear belongs to their children.

Click here to view all sports related products

School-Supplies Labeling

These innovative labels include labels for shoes, clothing and all general school supplies. Never loose another jacket to the lost-and-found again!

Click here to view the school supplies line

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