Toys that Spark Creativity

Kinetic Sand/Play Sand Purchase Here for $19.99 Dress Up Sets Purchase Here for $35.99 Purchase Here for $21.98 Purchase Here for $26.99 (Limited Time Sale) Books that inspire creativity Purchase Here for $15.99 Imagine how much creativity involves creating a story from pictures! Purchase Here for $14.99 This book comes with endless entertainment involving theContinue reading “Toys that Spark Creativity”

Your Child Can be Successful Without a Degree

There once was a time where the majority of the population of America didn’t possess a degree. From 1940 to today, the rate of college degrees has increased significantly every year. In 1940, graduates were about 3.8-5.5% of the workforce. (According to Now, college graduates make up about 34-35% of the workforce. While aContinue reading “Your Child Can be Successful Without a Degree”

The Ultimate Puppies and Babies Compilation

Puppies and babies, the best of the best. It’s like therapy in a video. Whatever kind of day you’re having, puppies and babies can make it better. So…enjoy. Enjoy these videos. In this clip, this puppers is watching his little human so closely. Making sure he’s alright in his swing. This little fluffers is sneakingContinue reading “The Ultimate Puppies and Babies Compilation”