Becoming Rich

According to the the Credit Suisse’s 2018 Global Wealth Report, if you earn an income of more than $32,400 a year, you are amongst the top 1% of the world’s wealth. Let that sink in for a minute. Do you feel anymore rich now? Perhaps as your hovering over your stack of bills, you’re not feeling so rich. Let me show you how you can.

I want you to imagine something with me. Imagine your life, but with unlimited funds. If money was no longer an issue for you and you could focus on your passions, what would life look like? We often hear the old “win the lottery” example so you can let that play out in your head if that makes it easier.

Perhaps you would travel the world, volunteer or pursue your passion.

Got your grand plans? I can take a wild guess that your life’s plan fantasy doesn’t even touch on money in the bank. Meaning; if today, someone dropped 1 million in your bank but wouldn’t let you use it, you wouldn’t be in any different situation than you are right now. It’s not the money that you have, it’s how you spend it that can bring you fulfillment.

Great, now that we’ve established that money doesn’t cure all and certainly doesn’t provide direct happiness, let’s discuss how you can change your mindset to enjoy your life, bring extra income in and find the wealth you are looking for.

Your Job

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, one must achieve the basics of human needs in order to progress further in our advancement. This theory suggests that a society as a whole cannot progress without it’s participants need’s being met.

What relation does this have to your job? Well, in society today, we all depend on funding to be able to provide basic living necessities. If your current job provides the funding necessary for you to be able to have your basics needs met, than you have already fulfilled this aspect of the pyramid. So you’re good to go!

If not, than you have some work to do. Priority number 1 should include finding a job that is able to finance you to be able to have your basic needs met.

If you have a job that does provide you the ability to provide the basics for yourself, than you need to find some kind of fulfillment in it. Have you often found yourself on the never-ending loops of searching for the next best job? I can assure you, you’ll never find it. No matter how much you hate your current job, most of us don’t get to have our dream jobs. Instead of resenting every job you ever are blessed enough to obtain, find peace with it. Find something about your job that you can enjoy. Then find your why. Find the true reason you come to work every day, it can’t just be to make money. For example, my “why” is to provide for my family and the family’s of my employees. As such, I find fulfillment in helping my employee’s advance their careers and providing thoroughly for my family’s needs. It’s important to me, it rules my every day.

Your dream possessions

When people first hit the lottery, many resort to buying the most beautiful possessions. A Ferrari, a big spacious home, a yacht, etc. Unless your dream involves sailing the world, or providing for your very large family, these possessions are unnecessary and therefore will not allow you to find true happiness in wealth.

Having things doesn’t make you any happier than the moment you buy them. Do a little experiment, the next time you are shopping at Target and you make all of those impulse purchases, load them all up into the trunk of your car. Now drive yourself home and without looking, try and remember every impulse you’ve just purchased. If you can’t remember them all, it’s unlikely they’ve contributed to your life in any positive way.

If you’re going to plan out a way to live your wealthy dreams, you’re going to need to learn to prioritize what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Pay for the things you need and for the best price you can.

If fine dining is something that you would like to implement into your life more often, avoid eating fast food. Save that money for a beautiful dinner date with your loved one. Drink fine wine and eat delicious food, I can guarantee you that, that dinner will provide more fulfillment and provide you great memories more-so than any drive thru food can.

The bottom line is, the less you spend on frivolous items, the more you can spend on life-changing moments with those you love. So clip the coupons, utilize those sales, skip the impulse buys and spend your money enjoying life rather than enjoying things.

Fuel your Mind

I have a long commute every day to work. I could choose to spend that commute jamming to my favorite music, listening to talk radio or do something that will actually contribute positively to my life. That precious time sitting in the car could be your time to stimulate your mind.

I often listen to audio books on my way to and from work. I do appreciate self-help books, they can change your mentality on this wonderful life we live. They can provide inspiration and perspective. I also enjoy listening to how-to books for how to create passive income.

It doesn’t matter which audio book you choose as long as it stimulates your mind. If you’ve wanted to learn French, there’s an audio book for that. If your passion involves gardening, there’s a book for that, if you want/need to make passive income on the side, there’s tons of books for that.

Click Here to Get Audible

I would if I had time

Your time is precious, so is mine. I’m currently spending time writing this, unaware if anyone will ever actually read it. I work full time, I’m a mother and a wife. My time is stretched thin.

Find ways to make time to enjoy this life you live. Hire the house-keeper, get your groceries delivered, hire out some of the tasks in your day-to-day life that are taking up your precious time. Now you might be thinking, I’m too broke for that. You just said not to spend frivolously. I can assure you, this is not frivolous spending, if I have to cut back on certain unnecessary things in my life so I can afford to have my house cleaned, I will. You should to. You can spend that time meaningfully. Pursuing a passion, spending time with your family or even working on creating passive income.

Set aside your precious PTO to do something magnificent. Take your kids on a dream vacation, visit a country you’ve always wanted to see, go on an epic hiking adventure. If you’re cutting back on frivolous expenses, you will have funding for that.

Making Passive Income

Remember that this income will not make you happy. It can merely bring you closer to retirement, fund an adventure, get you out of debt or put some cushion in that dry savings account. The results of generating passive income can bring you happiness.

I’m not an expert on passive income, I would highly suggest reading or listening to audio books on the subject. I’ve listened to the books below on my commute to work and it’s provided me a great deal of inspiration to help boost my passive income.

A good passive income source shouldn’t take you enormous amounts of time but should generate income easily and quickly. They ideally have low start up costs, if any. For some, these passive income sources end up being their primary source of income and allow them to quit their jobs and pursue their heart’s desires.


Essentially, you connect with manufactures and companies through a website like Shopify. You create a website to market their products and many companies will drop-ship the products straight to the customer. Meaning you don’t even have to touch the products.

Amazon FBA

This is Amazon’s fulfillment program. Essentially, you purchase products, wholesale or even just products you find for a good deal. You ship them to Amazon’s warehouse and they will sell them for you. They handle the customer service, the returns, everything. You just collect profits.

Click Here for FBA Fulfillment

Affiliate Income

There are many websites you can choose from to affiliate for. Essentially, you can get paid for advertising products, services and websites. Some are pay-per-click and some are pay-per-purchase. This can be a “set it and forget it” tactic. Create a website that draws attention and inset affiliate links. Below are a few companies that can help you get going.


Network Marketing

This isn’t truly passive but there are so many network marketing companies to choose from. It’s a lot like opening a little franchise. I work with Usborne books and I love it. I don’t spend an enormous amount of time on it and I get to enjoy discounted books for my daughter. You can check it out here!

Click Here to Join Usborne Books

You can check out more passive income ideas with these books I highly recommend. You can click on any of the images to check them out.

The bottom line…

In order to change your life and become more “rich,” you’ll need to follow the following steps

  1. Change your attitude: stop wallowing in self-pity and feel grateful for the life you are living. If you’re unsatisfied with some aspects of it, that’s ok. Just work towards improving them.
  2. Change your spending habits: Buy what you need, when you actually need it. Save that money that you would have spent on another blouse you don’t need and put it towards a dream of yours.
  3. Get a side-hustle: Whether it’s passive income or a way to monetize a passion you already have, get moving on making it work for you!
  4. Spend your free time fueling that beautiful mind: Avoid your Facebook feed and focus on reading or listening to books written by individuals that possess a skill that you wish to learn.
  5. Hire services that will save you time: Ask yourself what tasks take the most time away from doing the things you love and find a way to task that to someone else.
  6. Have faith that your life can be better: In your quest of self-improvement, find ways to reinforce the reasons that you’re spending your time working on your side hustle, or putting that gorgeous purse back on the shelf. Let your “why” consume your thoughts.
  7. Don’t let the dollar consume you: I’ll say it again, because I can’t say it enough. Money will bring you no happiness, wealth will bring you no happiness. You can only experience the happiness that everyone seeks when they envision wealth by finding out what truly fulfills you. What are you doing when you feel your glass is the fullest? Is it drinking a glass of wine in a beautiful restaurant near the ocean? Is it hiking up a mountain and taking gorgeous pictures? Is it that little sparkle in your child’s eye because they’ve seen something amazing they’ve never seen before?

Whatever it is, go get it. The universe wants you to have it.

The best in STEM toys

What are STEM toys?

Stem stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM toys focus on teaching and building these skills in children’s brains. A good STEM toy will both challenge your child and still be fun. When choosing a STEM toy for your child, make sure to choose one that lines up with their current age and skill level, not the skill level you want them to be at. If you buy them a very challenging STEM toy, they will likely get frustrated with it and not want to use it at all. If it’s not challenging enough, it won’t really stimulate that part of their brain. Sometimes, it’s good to start easier and get more challenging.

Best STEM toy that will grow with your child

OSMO Starter Kit – Age 3-5

You can now use OSMO for iPads and Fire Tablets. These kits focus in on different skill sets based on the child’s age. The best part about OSMO is that, as your child grows and develops, you can upgrade the games. The whole OSMO line starts at age 3 and goes to age 9+ Click here to shop

Check out the whole OSMO line

STEM Club Toy Subscription

Amazon offers STEM subscription boxes for $20 a month. Your first box is only $17.99! Each month, your child can look forward to fun and exciting toys to build and experiments to play with. Click here to Shop

They have 3 age groups: 3-4, 5-7 & 8-13

Also, with this subscription box, you get 20% off of STEM toys on Amazon!

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge

This amazing and fun toy is only $29.95! There are 39 ways to build this roller coaster. This toy is designed for age 6 and up. Click here to buy

Kid’s Business Start-Up Kit

Although this is not exactly a STEM toy, this is the most adorable idea. It’s a kit that teaches kits how to start up a little business selling reusable straws. It walks your child through their new business. Teaching them customer service skills and selling skills, it’s an innovative idea and certainly makes the list for cool toys. Designed for kids 8 and up. Click here to shop

Build a dinosaur toy

This is very sweet and it starts STEM toys early. This allows children to essentially design their own dinosaur! With pieces that snap together and a convenient case to keep all the parts in, this is a fantastic toy to start your little ones with! Ages 3 and up. Click here to shop

CozyBomB Monkey Math Game

This STEM game is great because it teaches basic math formulas in a logical manor to children. Instead of looking at numbers on a page, children will be able to logically relate numerical numbers to physically numbered toys. It helps teach addition and subtraction to little ones even before they will learn about it in school! Ages 3 – 5. Click here to shop

Matching Eggs Game for Babies

It’s never too early to teach these skills to children. Children need to match up the shapes in order to close the eggs and then fit them in the container. I especially like that all the pieces go back into a container. No ones likes it when toys have no place to go. Because they end up everywhere! Click here to shop

Build your own remote control racer

This one is currently on SALE. Normally, it’s $59.99 and now it’s only $39.99! This one is perfect for older children. Imagine how much more your child will appreciate their remote control car when they built it themselves. I’m not sure about you but I can’t tell you how many toys I’ve bought for my child only to have them tucked away in a toy box for a year straight. When your child builds it themselves, with all the time, effort and patience, you know they’ll play with it. Ages 6 and up. Click here to shop

Magnetic Maze Game

This spells “game for the car” to me. No parts that can be removed from the game, easy enough to use on rough roads and just enough to keep them entertained for quite a while. With this game, the magnet pen pulls the ball through the maze and around the roundabout. Lot’s of fun. Ages 2 and up. Click here to shop

ThinkFun and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Puzzle 

This game includes two fun aspects: mazes and putty. Which, if you have a child currently, you know anything slime-like is a hit. With this game, you follow puzzle cards and utilize the putty the game comes with to accomplish your challenge. Ages 8 and up. Click here to shop

Coogam Wooden Tetris Puzzle 

Much like the beloved game of Tetris, this puzzle involves matching pieces together to build one solid board. As addicting as the cell phone version was in the early 2000’s, I know this tetris game will keep your little ones occupies for a long time. Only $7.99. Click here to shop

15 + Products that will actually SAVE you money

Whenever we’re talking ways to save money, we have to look at the most consumed items in your household. Learning to save money efficiently is a mind-set you have to get into. Consider what items you throw in the trash every day and make those items work harder for you!

Reusable Bags and Pouches

Consider using these reusable bags in the house. These can be used in the freezer as well as in lunches.

“I got these bad boys in last week and put then through the ringer with my 6 year old, and i am beyond impressed. I finally have a lunch bag that returns home NOT gross and full of leaked soup or pasta sauce. He can easily open and reseal the bags so there are no spills. The produce bags help keep my fruits and veggies fresher and organized, inside and outside of the fridge. And the adorable branded storage bags are so great for my work snacks and the clips are an added bonus, at least in my eyes.”

Tiffany F – Verified Purchase

Silicone Lids for Food Containers

How many times have you thrown away food containers simply because you couldn’t find the lids? How about throwing away the lids and keeping all the containers you’ve already spent your hard earned money on! This does three things; organizes the scary container cabinet, allows you to free up space and keeps you from having to buy more containers.

“I couldn’t wait to try my new lids on various tubs as I had heard they were great. Just yesterday I had a large rectangular tub full of marshmallows which I needed to cover. I went for the cling wrap but then thought of my new silicone lids – the second largest ROUND lid fit beautifully over a large RECTANGULAR lid, all spill proof and everything. I am absolutely delighted by these lids. The quality is brilliant, they are going to last for such a long time. I also love my little net bag and the sturdy beautiful fastener on it which can be used for so many other things apart from just holding your lids!”

Annette L – Verified Purchase

Rechargeable Batteries

One of the reasons I love Amazon is because of the Amazon Basics program. Easy to order, one less trip to the store and great prices! Amazon Basics has these great rechargeable batteries that will save you money!

Meat Defrosting Tray

Hear me out. Has their been an occasion where you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer the night before and now you are stuck between something canned or take-out for dinner? Rest easy, this meat defrosting tray will have your meat defrosted quick. That way, you can skip the drive-thru and make your family a real dinner.

“We’ve thawed a bag with frozen chicken breast, leaving it in the bag and turning every 10 or so minutes. We went shopping so couldn’t turn it but when we got home it was so nicely thawed we refrigerated it the rest of the day. We’ve used it on hamburger putting it in a Ziploc bag and sucking as much air of out of it as I could. It thawed the hamburger very nicely and quickly. It’s amazing!!!”

L. Kelley – Verified Purchase

Motion Sensor Lights

I know my husband and I have been known to leave the back patio light on from time to time. It’s hard to remember to turn if off. With these handy motion sensor lights, you won’t have to remember to turn it off because it will turn off by itself. This in turn, saves you money!

“I have bought sooooo many Mr Beams products over the years and they are all perfect for their different jobs. These were easy to mount although I did have to set them a little higher than expected as the sensitivity is so good. Mr Beams do outside lights as well which are perfect for those areas where power isn’t available. I actually bought two packs of these lights, one for a friend and she loves these as well.”

Saucy1 – Verified Purchase

Wool Drying Balls

These guys are amazing, I got some as a gift for Christmas a few years back. I thought to myself, “ya…great, I’ll never use these.” Wrong! They are amazing. I tend to over-stuff my dryer and then everything everything doesn’t dry properly. These little guys dry clothes quicker and also fluff my duvet. They are awesome.

Bread Storage

This sleek looking counter top storage container will keep your bread fresher and longer. If it saves food longer, it will save you money.

“We’re very happy with our breadbox! Don’t be fooled by appearances: it can take more than it looks. We stuff it with bread (two or three regular size bags of sliced bread) and keeps it fresh. I’ve even stored french bread in it without a problem. Worth the money and it looks good on the counter. The only problem was a slight imperfection (from shipping) in the back, so it’s not noticeable.”

Francisco Solareslarrave
– Verified Purchase

This cute Compost Bin

If you’re looking to save money, you might consider growing some of your own fruits and veggies. A compost bin will save you a lot of money when it comes to fertilizing your garden.

“I’ve been using this bin for 2 weeks now, and I’m very pleased with it. This bin has had many stinky items deposited in it (fish skins and onion peels, to give you an idea) and we have not detected any unpleasant odors at all when the cover is on. That being said, the lid is a little tricky to put on, it has to be “just so”, but with a little practice it’s no big deal. It also is not too huge to keep on my kitchen counter, and it looks nice. (I got the teal one.) Would definitely recommend this to others.”

M Mary B – Verified Purchase

Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

Instead of tossing your sofa, give it a few more years of love. Clean it up and repair it with a kit like this! You can save hundreds!

“So, this couch is only about 4 years old and still under warranty. I had this area professionally repaired a few months ago, and the finish started flaking more than ever! While the repair was free, it is a pain in the rear, so I tried this product! It worked awesome, looks like new! The brush that comes with the kit left brush marks, so I used an old soft artistry brush to apply. I also used a makeup sponge to blend at the edges and to fill in the smaller worn areas. Took three thin coats, drying in between to get it just right. When mixing, shiit for a slightly lighter shade, as it darkens as it dried. Time will tell if it holds up, but at least I have extra product left over if I need to reapply! Well, two weeks later, and the repair is still looking good! I am very happy with this product!”

Solara Antonopulos – Verified Purchase

Don’t replace your counter-tops, paint them!

I actually bought this kit 2 years ago for my downstairs bathroom. I was worried about how it would turn out. I am happy to say, it looked beautiful and it still does. We really considered replacing those counter-tops and now we don’t have to!

“I purchased the Giani White Diamonds Small Project Kit. I followed all instructions and it came out beautiful! I couldn’t be happier. This was a small project, but I have enough of all the products leftover to do at least 3 or 4 more this size.”

Margo M – Verified Purchase

Here is my bathroom after using this kit!

Stained Glass Window Films

Back when I was deciding whether or not to replace my windows downstairs, I ended up deciding that I wanted to spruce them up. I get compliments on mine all the time.

Here are my windows!

Vent Covers

These handy little covers will cover the vents in your house that you don’t wish to heat or cool. Meaning that your thermostat won’t have to work so hard to heat or cool the rooms you’re in!

“Not happy with my latest gas bill, I decided to close off some of my unused bedrooms. Found these. They don’t completely cover the whole vent, but I think that’s a good thing as I don’t want the rooms to be freezing. It leaves maybe a half inch on each side where air can come out. I’m sure you can get other sizes depending on the size of your vents, but these worked perfectly for me. They stick very well.”

Stillerfan – Verified Purchase

Outlet Timers

I grew up with these all over my childhood home. My dad loves gadgets and he had these on most of the light outlets in the home. If you find yourself saying, “Turn off the lights, you think we own stock in the electric company?!” Than this product is for you. Little fingers rarely turn lights off. Also, it comes in handy with appliances that you don’t use while you’re at work but are always plugged in. Just set the timer so it doesn’t draw power and just like magic, your electric bills will decrease.

Machine Washable rugs

It seems silly to toss a rug simple because its dirty. Lot of people do it though. You vacuum it, you spot clean it and if that doesn’t work, your unlikely to take it outside and give it a proper clean. With these rugs though, you can actually pop it in the washing machine. Good as new!

“I love this rug. It is beautiful and durable. It is made of a foam feeling substance with the pattern printed on fabric. It is more like a mat than a rug, but as lovely as a rug. I have it in the front entrance way and it looks great!

We have one kitty who occasionally tinkles on new things (one reason I chose this rug). I usually fold certain throw rugs in half at night when she is out and about unsupervised. I forgot this one and she marked it a bit. I took it out to the garage to the laundry tub and it washed right off. No smell, no stain. Wonderful. Dried perfectly.

I highly recommend this rug/mat if you have similar needs to mine.”

Connie S. Strickland – Verified Purchase

Water Dispenser

While this includes an initial investment, it is worth it. We used to purchase water bottles in bulk from Costco. Not only were they not cold when we got them, we had an abundance of empty water bottles in my home. Because, you know, I’m the only one in my house who knows where the bin is. With this, we haven’t bought water bottles in years and we get delicious; cold or hot water instantly. Depending your area, you may qualify to have Amazon deliver your water as well!

“Amazing product from BRIO, they never disappoint! Super clean and sleek design, which compliments the aesthetic of my home. Typical water dispensers have the water on top, which isn’t appealing. This dispenser keeps the water hidden inside. I love the fact that it can hold a three gallon or five gallon water. It provides room temperature, cold, and hot water. No more flipping the water and getting it everywhere, I just place it at the bottom and it does its own magic.”

Arik B. – Verified Purchase

Amazon Water Delivery Services

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Keep your eye on “Today’s Deals” on Amazon. You never know if what you need will go on sale!

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Children’s Bookbananza!

Emily and I are in love with this book collection. By far; this is the most diverse, beautifully illustrated and interactive book series that I have ever seen. They are also priced very competitively! You guys know how I feel about that!

Take a look at some of my favorite books for kids!

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Babies and Toddlers

Baby Books

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Elementary School Books

Pre-School & Kindergarten

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