My Child is Allergic to our Dog, Now What?

I would guess that you have stumbled across this page because you have a family dog that your child is allergic to. Moreover, you probably weren’t aware of that when you adopted the dog. Now, you’re struggling with the idea of whether or not you can keep the dog.

I’m not a Allergist or a doctor. I am simply a parent that has been in your exact shoes and I had a difficult decision to make.

The Day It All Started

Emily and I had been begging my husband for a cute, squishy bulldog. He surprised us with Buster. We were overjoyed with our rambunctious puppy.

Then, it started. Emily started in with the watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and then…the hives. Insert panic. After removing Buster from her general area and addressing her symptoms, my husband and I began talking about how he just might not be the best fit for our family. Emily adored him, but just could not tolerate him. After many discussions and her general stubbornness about how we couldn’t get rid of the dog, we sought to find out how to make this work.

Commence project allergist hunt. Over the course of the next few months, we searched and searched for an allergist that would even talk to us about this. All of them kept telling us that we just had to get rid of the dog, they wouldn’t try anything. This was even before they knew the degree of her allergy to him. As soon as I said the words, “we’re here because Emily is allergic to our dog, but we don’t want to get rid of him.” Their immediate response was, “Sorry, but you probably need to.”

It wasn’t until I took her to the prestigious CHOC children’s allergy department that we found a doctor that said something to me that I will not forget. “Does this dog make your child’s life better?” “Would removing the dog benefit your child, other than to decrease the allergens she’s exposed to?” Emily answered for me and said, “I love Buster, he’s my fluffy baby. We can’t get rid of him.” From then, the doctor decided that we should not get rid of the dog, and we were going to find ways to make living with him easier.

So without further adieu, here are the following ways we’ve made life manageable with a dog that Emily is allergic to.

We’re following our Allergists prescription orders

Much of what her allergist prescribed were over-the-counter topical and drinkable medications. He did prescribe a few inhalers for her to treat both her allergies to Buster, but also seasonal allergies. They work great!

We’ve taken out the carpet in our house

This has been the most costly of our changes. Luckily, it worked out that we didn’t like the horrible carpet in our house anyways. If you cannot afford to replace the carpet in your house, you’ll need to vacuum often. We opted for waterproof vinyl flooring. I know that might sound cheap but we are always complimented on our flooring. The finish is similar to the product below, which you can purchase through Amazon.

Even without carpet, we still vacuum a lot.

The easiest way to keep up with vacuuming for allergies is to get an automatic vacuum. We didn’t invest in a Roomba, although I have heard great things. Instead, we got a lesser expensive model. Because, well you know…momma’s broke! We got the ILIFE and we’ve had it for years with no problems. We’ve named the vacuum Tom and Tom is phenomenal.

We have HEPA air purifiers in the common areas and in her room.

These can be pricey but they last a long time and many of the filters can be washed and re-used.

We bath our dog in Anti-Allergen Shampoo

There are only a few good dog shampoo’s on the market for this but we’ve used this one extensively and it works! It works to actually neutralize the dander in dogs fur so it doesn’t trigger allergies. If you don’t believe me, check the reviews!

We also use a spray allergen reducer on him between baths

This works similar to the shampoo only you don’t need to bath them. You can simply spray or put some in the mitt it comes with and it works very well.

We also use allergen spray on any fabric furniture or bedding

We’ve had the same bottle of this stuff for like 6 months, we don’t do it every day but while your cleaning, just give it a spritz and you’re good to go.

Lastly, we do not let Buster sleep or get on Emily’s bed. There has to be a place where your child’s body can recover.

We’ve been applying these tactics for Emily for 2 years and it works! Through simple housekeeping we’ve been able to reduce the amount of medication she needs to take. Most importantly, my daughter can now play, cuddle, rub, lay-on and enjoy her pup the way we always wanted her to be able to.

The Best Baby Products for New Mamma’s!

It’s been a while since I was a new mom but I still remember the confusion between the mass of products on the market. Some I tried, and hated. Some were purchased for me and never left the box and some I grew to love and consequently, I recommend them to all new mothers.

I was only 21 when I had my daughter and I had absolutely no idea what she needed or didn’t need. I had no friends with children and all of my relatives hadn’t had children for a decade or more. But through sheer trial and error, I figured out what worked. It goes without saying, every baby is different and what worked for me, might not work for you but these products are still very popular so give it a look anyway.

Most Loved Products

10. Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet

This is the updated version than the one of these that I had but I have lent out mine to so many new parents and everyone loves it. It’s great for small spaces as apposed to a large bassinet that takes up a quarter of the room. It takes no batteries, little to no assembly and my baby slept soundly in it, next to me.

Click the picture to check it out!

9. Gripe Water by Mommy’s Bliss

Ok, I cannot say enough about this stuff. It is magic in a bottle. Once you’re running low, you’ll start to stress. So keep it stocked! I literally have brought this to every single baby shower since Emily was little and every single time, I get a call or a text from that parent about how amazing this stuff is. Basically, gripe water calms babies with upset tummies, gas, etc. The strangest part about it is that it works almost instantly. I don’t how this sorcery works, but I can assure you, it amazing. It’s one of those parenting hacks, where you have to be in the know. Also, in my experience, the Mommy’s Bliss version works the best!

Click the picture to check it out!

8. A Forehead Thermometer

If you would like to cause world war 3 in your house, go ahead and try and stick a traditional thermometer in your babies mouth. It’s amazing, just try it. But seriously, I still use this thermometer in my house for my little girl and now she can actually use it herself, which makes it fun. It’s accurate and will do very little to irritate your feverous child.

Click the picture to check it out!

7. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

These bottles were the only thing that wouldn’t cause my daughter gas and I assure you, I tried a lot of them.

Click the picture to check it out!

6. Baby Robes

Let’s be real for a minute, babies don’t need robes. Are they handy, yes. If you have a baby you’ve just gotten out of the bath and you don’t have their clothes ready to go. Because, you will not always be that organized. This is a handy little item to keep in the bathroom. Plus, just cherish the times they will let you dress them up in awe worthy attire. It won’t last, so you just enjoy it.

Click the picture to check it out!

5. Shopping Cart cover with toys!

Taking a baby to the store is enough work to consider buying exclusively from Instacart and Amazon Pantry. But there will be times where you need to battle those treacherous aisles with a small child. Better to be prepared then crying in the car on your way back home. The obvious shopping cart cover provides protection from germies and gives their cute buts something squishy to sit on. Do not let this deceive you, you need toys attached to this butt vessel or you will never make it out of there alive.

Click the picture to check it out!

4. A Mobile Doorbell with Changeable Chimes

Now you might be thinking, why should I be worried about a doorbell? This is likely because you still haven’t had your bundle of joy and I promise you, it matters. There is nothing more obnoxious than when you’ve just put your baby to sleep and your loud a** doorbell rings and wakes your baby up. Stop this madness. Disconnect your old doorbell and get yourself one where you can choose the chime to be quiet or soothing in nature. Not to mention, you can move the actual plug in device into a room that isn’t anywhere near your baby.

Click the picture to check it out!

3. Tummy Time toys

If you haven’t yet had your baby, you don’t know about tummy time. Some kids love it, some kids hate it. But it is necessary. It’s important to find something entertaining for them to do while they are spending their time on the floor. Play mats are really good and anything that moves or involves sensory is the best. I had something like this for my daughter and it was the only way she wouldn’t pitch a fit for her tummy time.

Click the picture to check it out!

2. Bath Kneeler and Bath Toy Organizer

This one is just for you mom. I know you love giving your baby their baths but do your knees? This one is especially awesome because it includes little pockets for toys. Plus, it’s not going to look ugly in your bathroom. Which, let’s be honest, it matters.

Click the picture to check it out!

  1. Diaper Subscriptions

This wasn’t a thing when Emily was a baby, but I wish it was. It saves an enormous amount of time and money. Do yourself a favor and save money where you can. With this link, you’ll get a 30 day trial of Amazon Family, which includes: 20% off of diaper subscriptions, baby related coupons and baby registry benefits.

So there you have it, make your registry with all the things you know you’ll need!

10 Things I Will Teach my Daughter

This is a little off topic from what I normally talk about but I recently read an article and it touched home for me. What was even more unsettling than the actual story were the majority of the comments on the post. It lead me to realize that nothing much is going to change until we teach our youth otherwise.

The story was about one particular school’s regulations for Prom dresses. The school’s administration decided that all female students were to bring a picture of their chosen prom dress for approval prior to the dance. The regulations were tight on this. Even a dress that looked sheer but actually wasn’t, was unacceptable. No cleavage of any kind was allowed and the dresses had to be long.

The comments of this post included many saying: “if you don’t like it, don’t go to Prom,” “good, glad they are taking measures to teach these girls what’s appropriate, it’s a school dance, not a whorefest.”

This isn’t something new, we continue to teach our young ladies that our natural bodies are taboo. That what happens to us on a monthly basis is taboo and undesirable. That if we dress a certain way, we are welcoming male attention. Well I just do not agree with that.

♥ 1. You’re body is not an object – Let no man or woman tell you otherwise. Your body is beautiful and it belongs to you, no one else. It is not a sexual object.

♥ 2. You’re not a whore – Whore is a word that people throw around way too much. You’re a whore if you have had too many partners, you’re a whore if you love your body, you’re a whore to someone who doesn’t like you, you’re a whore if you dress provocatively. Well, I’m here to tell you, you aren’t. None of those things make you a whore.

♥ 3. Never place value on yourself based on your appearance – This is something that takes many women years to understand. Much like men are not judged on their natural looks in the world, neither should you.

♥ 4. Never compare yourself to other women – This one is difficult to do sometimes. When you see a woman that you believe is beautiful, it’s ok to admire that about her, not compete with her.

♥ 5. Getting older is not the end – As women, sometimes we believe that as we get older, we become less attractive. This can sometimes lead us to believe that we are less valuable to our men. Aging is natural, things will not always be so perky (if you know what I mean 😉 ) This doesn’t mean that you are less beautiful in any way.

♥ 6. You’re not a bitch for voicing your opinion –  Sometimes people mistaken honesty with hostility. Just remember that your voice is just as important as anyone else’s.

♥ 7. Don’t play with double standards – If you want to be treated equally to everyone else, you need to play the part. You need to work hard, be diligent and never settle. Likewise, never let your man tell you that something isn’t acceptable for you, when it clearly is for them.

♥ 8. Don’t be so quick to judge – When you see a woman breastfeeding her child and you might think it’s gross, just remember that she is feeding her baby and it’s a pain to be stuck at home all the time. Likewise, she might be feeling uncomfortable about it as well, you don’t need to encourage this. When I was younger, I remember seeing a prostitute and thinking that she was disgusting, not because she wasn’t well kept, but because of what she does. Don’t judge another woman, you’ve never walked in those shoes.

♥ 9. Sometimes, it is your fault – When you’re arguing with someone and you are dead-set that you are not to blame, just remember, sometimes you are. It’s ok to admit that.

♥ 10. Nothing about you’re body is disgusting or shameful – Whenever women are on their periods, we feel a natural urge to keep this information incredibly private. We don’t want anyone to think we are “icky.” Well stop, the earth is populated because of a woman’s fertility.

Once you have children, your body will change. It’s inevitable, your skin will sag around your stomach, things will stretch and leave you with nice “tiger stripes.” This isn’t shameful, it’s life. Life is beautiful.


Curious what information about you is out there? You may be surprised!

Money-Saving Tips for Thrify Moms

Hey ladies!

Firstly, I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Between potty training, working and my new statistics class, I’m being stretched really thin. I will try to get caught up on my posts within the next few days! 🙂

Also, thank you for all that follow me! I recently got 60 likes and I am pretty excited about that!

So, without further adieu…here are this weeks money savings tips

♥ 1. Download the Cartwheel App immediately

If you are a Target shopper but don’t have time for the whole coupon clipping stuff or the hassle of a rebate program, this will become your new best friend! It is a Target app that will allow you to bundle their digital coupons right from your cell. You just hand your phone to the cashier with the bar-code up and poof; all savings are deducted.


♥ 2. Save your samples

When you leave the dentist’s office with your grown woman “goodie bag” of toothpaste and such, what do you do with it? I hope you keep it! Designate a drawer in your house for all things sample and trust me, you will use these babies if you’re organized with them.


♥ 3. Cut the cable in rooms that aren’t often occupied

Do you have a den in your house with a TV in it that has been used a whopping 3 times? Cut that TV, get yourself a Chromecast, AppleTV or a Roku and use that Netflix you pay for every month!

You can even take this a step further and cut Cable out of your house all together! I have been living without Cable or Satellite for the last year and a half. I have a variety of devices throughout my house; Chromecast, digital TV antenna, a couple Roku’s and also an amazing App that you can download called Sling TV. It’s the first Live, legal television that streams online. For $20 a month, you get stations like ESPN, ESPN2, Food Network, Disney Channel, the History Channel and more!

Right now, they are offering promotions for a Free Roku Streaming Stick, 1/2 off Roku3 and Free Fire TV Stick! The quality is awesome if you have fast internet.


♥ 4. Subscribe to promotional emails for your favorite places and companies

So maybe this one isn’t everyone’s favorite because those emails can end up taking over your Inbox but if you make yourself another email account strictly for promotional emails, you won’t be sorry. Let me just show you some of the email’s I got this week…

11095415_10204138844739023_1525405551_n 11096747_10204138844699022_247628771_n

♥ 5. Got gift cards?

If you have old gift card’s that are still valid and you’re not really looking to use them any time soon…sell them! I have done this numerous times and my favorite site is Cardpool. You just go into their site, enter your card’s information along with the balance and mail it off. They send you the money really quickly as well.


♥ 6. Buy gift cards

So this might seem redundant but buying previously owned gift cards from a reputable company is pretty awesome. Purchase where you frequently shop and you can get instant savings. Currently on, you can get a Vons gift card for 10% off.


♥ 7. Thinking there is nothing left in your fridge to make dinner?

You could be wrong. Check out SuperCook, you simply include the ingredients that you already have and it will find you a recipe to match! Don’t run out to the store just yet.

Ok, so just 7 tips for this week. I can’t give you all my secret’s at once!

Curious what information about you is out there? You may be surprised!