Simple & Innovative Kid’s Products!

If you’ve ever sent you kids to school with a specific amount of items, only to have many of them not return home to you, these products are for you! Mabel’s Labels created personalized labels for your child’s products to they can be easily identified. They even have a line for allergies, safety, traveling andContinue reading “Simple & Innovative Kid’s Products!”

Small Business Ideas for Kids with Free Printable Business Plan

My daughter once started a little business making dream-catchers and sold them around our neighborhood. When it came time to re-purchase the materials needed to make more, my daughter was horrified that she would have to spend her earnings on that. It was an important lesson for her. Once we put everything on paper, weContinue reading “Small Business Ideas for Kids with Free Printable Business Plan”

My Child is Allergic to our Dog, Now What?

I would guess that you have stumbled across this page because you have a family dog that your child is allergic to. Moreover, you probably weren’t aware of that when you adopted the dog. Now, you’re struggling with the idea of whether or not you can keep the dog. I’m not a Allergist or aContinue reading “My Child is Allergic to our Dog, Now What?”

10 Things I Will Teach my Daughter

This is a little off topic from what I normally talk about but I recently read an article and it touched home for me. What was even more unsettling than the actual story were the majority of the comments on the post. It lead me to realize that nothing much is going to change untilContinue reading “10 Things I Will Teach my Daughter”