The Ultimate Puppies and Babies Compilation

Puppies and babies, the best of the best. It’s like therapy in a video. Whatever kind of day you’re having, puppies and babies can make it better. So…enjoy. Enjoy these videos.

In this clip, this puppers is watching his little human so closely. Making sure he’s alright in his swing.
This little fluffers is sneaking in some love.
This is cuteness overload as this little baby gets to play with 3 puppies! I wish I could reach in and cuddle them all!
This baby squeals with excitement as she gets to interact with this sweet puppy.
Curious George
Something is special about watching that special connection between children and dogs, this video really captures that special time.
This doggo is playing with his little owner and it will melt your heart
This sleepy baby is finding a fluffy and soft spot to sleep on his beloved dog. What’s adorable is that this dog obliged with no issue.
JoJo Siwa
School Supplies
Bubbles are always fun, what’s so cute is that they are enjoying them together. It’s like dogs and children are meant to be.
The protective dog has a special place in our heart, even when it’s a bit silly. This dog is pulling his little girl from the pool because he clearly thinks this is an unsafe place for her. She doesn’t seem to pleased about it, but it still pulls at the heart strings.
This dog is getting ready for nap-time with his little human by getting all cozy.

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