The best in STEM toys

What are STEM toys?

Stem stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM toys focus on teaching and building these skills in children’s brains. A good STEM toy will both challenge your child and still be fun. When choosing a STEM toy for your child, make sure to choose one that lines up with their current age and skill level, not the skill level you want them to be at. If you buy them a very challenging STEM toy, they will likely get frustrated with it and not want to use it at all. If it’s not challenging enough, it won’t really stimulate that part of their brain. Sometimes, it’s good to start easier and get more challenging.

Best STEM toy that will grow with your child

OSMO Starter Kit – Age 3-5

You can now use OSMO for iPads and Fire Tablets. These kits focus in on different skill sets based on the child’s age. The best part about OSMO is that, as your child grows and develops, you can upgrade the games. The whole OSMO line starts at age 3 and goes to age 9+ Click here to shop

Check out the whole OSMO line

STEM Club Toy Subscription

Amazon offers STEM subscription boxes for $20 a month. Your first box is only $17.99! Each month, your child can look forward to fun and exciting toys to build and experiments to play with. Click here to Shop

They have 3 age groups: 3-4, 5-7 & 8-13

Also, with this subscription box, you get 20% off of STEM toys on Amazon!

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge

This amazing and fun toy is only $29.95! There are 39 ways to build this roller coaster. This toy is designed for age 6 and up. Click here to buy

Kid’s Business Start-Up Kit

Although this is not exactly a STEM toy, this is the most adorable idea. It’s a kit that teaches kits how to start up a little business selling reusable straws. It walks your child through their new business. Teaching them customer service skills and selling skills, it’s an innovative idea and certainly makes the list for cool toys. Designed for kids 8 and up. Click here to shop

Build a dinosaur toy

This is very sweet and it starts STEM toys early. This allows children to essentially design their own dinosaur! With pieces that snap together and a convenient case to keep all the parts in, this is a fantastic toy to start your little ones with! Ages 3 and up. Click here to shop

CozyBomB Monkey Math Game

This STEM game is great because it teaches basic math formulas in a logical manor to children. Instead of looking at numbers on a page, children will be able to logically relate numerical numbers to physically numbered toys. It helps teach addition and subtraction to little ones even before they will learn about it in school! Ages 3 – 5. Click here to shop

Matching Eggs Game for Babies

It’s never too early to teach these skills to children. Children need to match up the shapes in order to close the eggs and then fit them in the container. I especially like that all the pieces go back into a container. No ones likes it when toys have no place to go. Because they end up everywhere! Click here to shop

Build your own remote control racer

This one is currently on SALE. Normally, it’s $59.99 and now it’s only $39.99! This one is perfect for older children. Imagine how much more your child will appreciate their remote control car when they built it themselves. I’m not sure about you but I can’t tell you how many toys I’ve bought for my child only to have them tucked away in a toy box for a year straight. When your child builds it themselves, with all the time, effort and patience, you know they’ll play with it. Ages 6 and up. Click here to shop

Magnetic Maze Game

This spells “game for the car” to me. No parts that can be removed from the game, easy enough to use on rough roads and just enough to keep them entertained for quite a while. With this game, the magnet pen pulls the ball through the maze and around the roundabout. Lot’s of fun. Ages 2 and up. Click here to shop

ThinkFun and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Puzzle 

This game includes two fun aspects: mazes and putty. Which, if you have a child currently, you know anything slime-like is a hit. With this game, you follow puzzle cards and utilize the putty the game comes with to accomplish your challenge. Ages 8 and up. Click here to shop

Coogam Wooden Tetris Puzzle 

Much like the beloved game of Tetris, this puzzle involves matching pieces together to build one solid board. As addicting as the cell phone version was in the early 2000’s, I know this tetris game will keep your little ones occupies for a long time. Only $7.99. Click here to shop

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